The Cherishing Way Masters Module 


This is a wonderful step in our “Journey with Joy!” Experience.
In this module you will be encouraged to develop the talent of “Mending
Broken Hearts with Healing Arts” using all of the significant
tools you gleaned in the Advanced Certification Modules 1-6.

Now, you will begin to further develop your talent for “Scripting”
(a wonderful way of journaling”) which accesses your very own
innate inner wisdom.  You will learn to listen to the secrets of
your own heart and mind as they reveal “the next step” in
your path of progression towards your divine ideal and perfect

As we “Prepare to Meet God” while in this mortal journey, when
we “drop our burdens at His feet”,  we will
truly learn how to “bear a song away”.  As we acknowledge
our hidden wounds to Him and the secrets of our very own
hearts, we discover that we too can develop the gift of
teaching others how to mend their very own broken hearts
by “Coming Unto Him”.

This Masters Module includes 8 hours of Live Webinars, manuals,
handouts and more!



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