Joy Vibes
Raising The World’s Vibration to Joy!

Meet Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT, VAMT, singer, songwriter, author and creator of the Joy Coaching System for “Raising Your Vibration to Joy”. Karyn has been “Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts” since 2001 in her work with women, children and men. Karyn’s forte is helping her clients to “Gracefully Transition Through Grief into Joy” by accessing all five senses with music, massage and aromatherapy and compassionate therapeutic touch.

Karyn is the former Ms. World Premier 2017, Mrs. Global America (2017), bearing the lifetime title of the “Mrs. Charis Award” for her service and love extended to women. She was most recently named, “World Premier Lady Utah 2020”. Her cause is “Inspiring Women Through Positive Leadership”; to embrace their divine roles as sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, friends, entrepreneurs and beyond!

Karyn’s voice, whether singing or speaking about love, joy and peace is heard as a “A Voice of Good News” edifying, uplifting and inspiring her audiences in the church, at the prison, in workshops, conferences and more! Karyn’s passion for storytelling exudes with her excitement to share “Good News” with audiences in America and beyond!

Click on this link to access Karyn’s amazing podcasts: “Joy Coaching with Karyn Lynn Grant” and “The Stories She Sings” with Karyn Lynn Grant.


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