Ancient Legacy Advanced Coaching Level 3

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Creatively, Consciously, Connecting to Your Spirit-Body”. Come and learn the ancient art of music & aromatherapy and gain an increased awareness for the healing oils of the bible and the women who loved them in ancient times. This workshop is designed to “Nurture the Spirit” and to encourage women to be engaged in a compassionate awareness of their own needs as well as the needs of others, for renewing the heart, mind, body and spirit. It is our goal to assist each woman in her personal journey towards her divine potential by remembering and reconnecting to the stories of extraordinary women in the New and Old Testament through music & aromatherapy and the study of ancient ways. To reconnect with your spirit by remembering the women of ancient times; by reading the verses in scripture pertaining to their lives, journaling about the ways you relate to their trials and adversities, listening to the songs and applying the oils of the bible as shown in The Nine Touch Point Method.

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