The Lullaby Connection Advanced Coaching Level 3

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“Creatively, Consciously Connecting to the Child-Body” using the tools of aromatherapy, music as therapy, art as therapy, non-dominant hand-writing, therapeutic touch, it is our belief that lower vibrations left lodging in the heart, mind, body and spirit of the young.

Because the thinking-mind & the body-mind does not know the difference between real or perceived experiences, childhood sorrows can be re-identified, re-addressed and successfully released and miraculously mended with tenderness, love and compassion—and then gracefully transitioned into higher vibrations of peace, love and joy!

The intention of this workshop is to “Nurture The Body” and to apply the five senses in an emotional clearing process for children (and the inner child) using, kindness, empathy and compassion through the medium of music, therapeutic (non-invasive) touch, songs/lullabies, guided visualizations, storytelling, art as therapy, dance and musical meditations.

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