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For over a decade, Karyn Grant, Joy Coach, Singer, Songwriter, LMT, Author, Speaker, Compassionate Intuitive & Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist, has quietly and serenely performed her mission. Her bona fide “Joy Coaching System” mentors the heart, mind, body and spirit with music, massage, meditation and aromatherapy ( a holistic approach), releasing grief and bringing comfort to thousands in one-onone sessions. Considered the Florence Nightingale of her “Healing Hearts with Healing Arts” craft, Karyn Grant further ministers to audiences on stage, as a guest speaker, teaching classes and workshops.

Karyn, a Coronado, California native refers to her method as “The Healer’s Touch,” which combines special essential oil blends she has personally created for various needs, combined with her life’s work of writing and singing over 1000 original Christ-Centered songs, lullabies, musical meditations and instrumentals. Karyn’s compassionate lyrics inspire and uplift the human heart and mind.


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Dear Friends!

During this crucial time in our world’s history, may you each be blessed with love, joy and peace!

I believe we all have a gift to give to each other that can inspire, encourage and uplift one another when all of our heart’s are in need of much needed, deep rest and relaxation.

I hope that you will enjoy this Free Gift from my heart to yours!

Here is my “Night-Time Nurturing Guide” and Free – “The Healer’s Touch-9 song clips”!

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The Healers Touch
Relaxation Therapy

Divine Essence
Joyful Life Coaching

The Lullaby Connection
Joy Coaching For Children

Ancient Legacy
Restoration and Renewal therapy

Heaven on Earth
Re-energizing & Rejuvenation Therapy

Joy in the Mourning
Grief coaching sessions


Level 1 & Level 2 – Joyful Living


Intro – Cherishing Hearts Blessings & Blends

We introduce this series with an introduction to a stand-alone manual entitled, “Cherishing, How to Mend a Broken Heart, with Scents of Peace - Blessings and Blends”. This beautifully designed manual incorporates the combination of music, guided visual imagery, affirmations and blessings accompanied by single and blended essential oils. (recipes for all blends included).


The Healer’s Touch Method – Level 1 & Level 2

Part 1: Introduction to the Healer’s Touch Method™ for self-nurturing and overcoming sadness and grief (Heart). Acknowledge and transition the hidden wounds of the heart into higher vibration emotions while accessing the healing power of the Divine.


Divine Essence – Level 1 & Level 2

Part 2 – Introduction to Divine Essence™ for personal and spiritual growth (Mind). Now that you’re able to step into higher vibrations of joy and peace, take the next step into the brilliance that is you as you look forward to maximizing and fulfilling your potential are ready.


The Lullaby Connection Level 1 & 2

Part 3 – Introduction to The Lullaby Connection™ for nurturing the child within (Body). You are ready to nurture and lullaby yourself and your own family with a heart that is whole and a spirit full of light – you will be delighted to see the connection your family has with their own divine worth and Source.


Ancient Legacy Joyful Living Level 1 & Level 2

Part 4 – Introduction to Ancient Legacy™ for overcoming adversity and nurturing the spirit within (Spirit). Appreciate the ancient art of music and aromatherapy in order to connect and learn from extraordinary women of the Bible who overcame adversity in their personal lives. Through increased awareness of the healing oils of the Bible you can renew heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Joy Coaching Advanced Certification Level 3


The Healer’s Touch Advanced Coaching Level 3

The purpose of this method is to assist Joy Coaches in utilizing all five senses to bring the heart-mind (hypothalamus)-body-spirit into alignment with the Positive Core Identity that has often been suppressed in childhood. Thus, we can address and release negative core beliefs originating in childhood, teenage years, etc.


Divine Essence Advanced Coaching Level 3

This workshop is designed to “Nurture the Spirit” and to encourage women to be engaged in a compassionate awareness of their own needs as well as the needs of others, for renewing the heart, mind, body and spirit.


The Lullaby Connection Advanced Coaching Level 3

Because the thinking-mind & the body-mind does not know the difference between real or perceived experiences, childhood sorrows can be re-identified, re-addressed and successfully released and miraculously mended with tenderness, love and compassion---and then gracefully transitioned into higher vibrations of peace, love and joy!


Ancient Legacy Advanced Coaching Level 3

Creatively, Consciously, Connecting to Your Spirit-Body”. Come and learn the ancient art of music & aromatherapy and gain an increased awareness for the healing oils of the bible and the women who loved them in ancient times. This workshop is designed to “Nurture the Spirit” and to encourage women to be engaged in a compassionate awareness of their own needs as well as the needs of others, for renewing the heart, mind, body and spirit.


Cherishing Way Series – Module 5 (Level 3)

Join us for another Advanced Course in "Creatively, Consciously, Connecting to Christ" through self-nurturing techniques offered by Karyn Lynn Grant, Singer, Songwriter, LMT and Master Joy Coach! Karyn's formula for accessing love, joy, peace and happiness continues by "Scripting" your innermost wisdom in a "Daily Divine Appointment". You will receive Karyn's own "Scripting Manuals" to give you ideas on what questions to ponder and meditate upon.


Cherishing Companion Series – Module 6 (Level 3)

As we integrate our hearts, minds and spirits in a spiritual connection with those we love, albeit a dear friend, daughter, son, sister, brother, mother, father, or beloved spouse, we soon discover that at the core of each of our divine relationships should reside a core relationship with Christ. As we connect to one another through empathy and compassion we come to realize that supporting and nurturing each beloved relationship becomes an even more fulfilling aspect of our lives.

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ALL JOY COACHING SESSIONS with Karyn Lynn Grant will be held on Zoom.

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