About Karyn

pic of Karyn Grant,LMTKaryn Grant, The Joy Coach, has been writing music since she was fifteen. Now, a mother of four young adults, Karyn resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah and also owns and operates, The Cherishing Place; a place of nurturing for all people, specifically women and children using massage techniques, aromatherapy, and music created specifically for healing.

During the past twenty five years, Karyn has written and performed inspirational music for people of all faiths. It is through the medium of music that she shares her love and healing found in “The Healer’s Touch Module” and other

Modules she has created. Each CD, either vocal or musical meditations, Karyn has created to bring peace, relaxation, and inspiration to remember and connect individuals with their divine essence.  

Through the years, Karyn has discovered a joy in ministering to her clients through the medium of the five senses. She is a licensed massage therapist, Utah’s only Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist, and uses her original lullabies, songs, instrumentals, sound, aromatherapy, breath-work, guided visualizations and vibrational touch in her sessions with her clients, to connect the heart-mind-body-spirit and raise the vibration to joy! As a speaker, coach and facilitator, Karyn shares this message with audiences of all backgrounds. Karyn has written many books which are available in e-book format.

She has written manuals for assisting women in their journey to leave the past behind and continue on the in their Journey to Joy, as well. She uses these manuals in teaching her morning and evening workshops, where she encourages others to keep their vibration at the frequency of “love, joy, peace and cherishing”.

Sharing the nine point touch technique, is Karyn’s gentle approach to emotional healing and increasing spiritual strength in others, through her faith in God, evidenced in her lyrics and written works. Karyn has been sharing her love of people through her music, with audiences from the prison to the church as well as in the community. Her heart’s desire is to continue “Raising the Vibration to Joy!” through music, the gift of therapeutic touch, scent of peace and through reviving the lost art of cherishing.

Gracefully transitioning grief, pain, sorrow, into healing, positivity, happiness and hope.