Enlightened Journey: A Woman’s Journey into Wholeness


A Series of Songs and Musical Meditations, by Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, The Joy Coach, LLC.

Includes: Enlightened Journey PDF Manuals, 1 CD, 3 MP3’s

The purpose of the “Enlightened Journey” Masters Module is to continue on the path we started in the “Divine Essence: Awakening the Brilliant Spirit Within” Advanced Certification Module 2.

We will continue the process of lullabying a woman’s soul back into the sense of pure knowing; her own divine worth, recognition of her gift of intuition and the regaining of her sense of inner peace. The intention for each Joy Coach is to master the tools necessary to remind herself and each woman (client) that her birthright is peace and her inheritance is Joy.

This course moves deeper into the release work of the emotional attachments to food, the addiction to pleasing, the addiction to fear, the addiction to anger, self-blame and more. We will also address the common thread that connects universal woman’s issues that lead to insecurity, poor self-image, low self -esteem, etc.

Another highlight of this workshop is to bring each woman into a heightened awareness of her own divinity and to assist her in identifying her own personal reasons for self-rejection, self-blame, lack of acceptance for herself, and thus, assist her on the path of releasing the emotional hindrances that inhibit her passion for “joy in the journey”.

This course includes a study of the power of visualization in manifesting a more joyful outcome and leads us further into the discovery of claiming abundance in our lives, by identifying generational scarcity issues and more!

As we continue on the path of nurturing ourselves and others, combining Music, Oils & Massage, we take each step of our 14 Step Journey to Joy with 14 “Blessings & Blends” for conducting higher vibrations of light into the body.

The 4 cds included in this Masters Module are:

• The Enlightened Journey Vocal CD

• 14 Steps to Wholeness: A Woman’s Journey

• Feasting on Pure Food Created of Light

• The Cherishing Room

This fascination course compares a woman’s life to an “Enlightened Journey”.



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