Cherishing Companion Series – Module 6 (Level 3)

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As we integrate our hearts, minds and spirits in a spiritual connection with those we love, albeit a dear friend, daughter, son, sister, brother, mother, father, or beloved spouse, we soon discover that at the core of each of our divine relationships should reside a core relationship with Christ. As we connect to one another through empathy and compassion we come to realize that supporting and nurturing each beloved relationship becomes an even more fulfilling aspect of our lives.

“Becoming a Cherishing Companion Through Christ” assists us in the process of moving from superficial, non-nurturing relationships into the discovery that relating to others with a mutually shared deeper kind of “Divine Intimacy” brings even greater measures of joy into our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits.

This course includes Karyn’s Cherishing Companion Library of manuals &
4 Live Zoom Sessions with Karyn Lynn Grant

Cherishing Way Series – Module 5 (Level 3)

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Join us for another Advanced Course in “Creatively, Consciously, Connecting to Christ” through self-nurturing techniques offered by Karyn Lynn Grant, Singer, Songwriter, LMT and Master Joy Coach! Karyn’s formula for accessing love, joy, peace and happiness continues by “Scripting” your innermost wisdom in a “Daily Divine Appointment”. You will receive Karyn’s own “Scripting Manuals” to give you ideas on what questions to ponder and meditate upon.

Includes 4 webinars with Karyn and a whole library of scripting manuals!

Ancient Legacy Advanced Coaching Level 3

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Creatively, Consciously, Connecting to Your Spirit-Body”. Come and learn the ancient art of music & aromatherapy and gain an increased awareness for the healing oils of the bible and the women who loved them in ancient times. This workshop is designed to “Nurture the Spirit” and to encourage women to be engaged in a compassionate awareness of their own needs as well as the needs of others, for renewing the heart, mind, body and spirit. It is our goal to assist each woman in her personal journey towards her divine potential by remembering and reconnecting to the stories of extraordinary women in the New and Old Testament through music & aromatherapy and the study of ancient ways. To reconnect with your spirit by remembering the women of ancient times; by reading the verses in scripture pertaining to their lives, journaling about the ways you relate to their trials and adversities, listening to the songs and applying the oils of the bible as shown in The Nine Touch Point Method.

The Lullaby Connection Advanced Coaching Level 3

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“Creatively, Consciously Connecting to the Child-Body” using the tools of aromatherapy, music as therapy, art as therapy, non-dominant hand-writing, therapeutic touch, it is our belief that lower vibrations left lodging in the heart, mind, body and spirit of the young.

Because the thinking-mind & the body-mind does not know the difference between real or perceived experiences, childhood sorrows can be re-identified, re-addressed and successfully released and miraculously mended with tenderness, love and compassion—and then gracefully transitioned into higher vibrations of peace, love and joy!

The intention of this workshop is to “Nurture The Body” and to apply the five senses in an emotional clearing process for children (and the inner child) using, kindness, empathy and compassion through the medium of music, therapeutic (non-invasive) touch, songs/lullabies, guided visualizations, storytelling, art as therapy, dance and musical meditations.

Divine Essence Advanced Coaching Level 3

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The Healer’s Touch Advanced Coaching Level 3

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With the application of energetic touch in an essential oil application, combined with music, breath-work and other healing avenues of vibrational therapies, we can release stagnate energies (lingering in the heart, mind, body and spirit) to begin vibrating at the speed of love, joy and peace.To raise the vibration of the heart, the mind (hypothalamus), the body and spirit of each client, these tools will be taught for keeping an “emotional homeostasis” of peace, love and joy in times of heartache, heartbreak, opposition and adversity. “It’s time to raise the vibration to JOY!”

Welcome To Joy Coaching®
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