The Kingdom Within: Except Ye Become as Little Children

By Karyn Lynn Grant, Taken from the Lullaby Connection Workbook – Kingdom Within Section

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As a young mother, I remember that for several days, I had been asking a question in my prayers that kept coming to my mind. “What are the keys of the kingdom?” I found a poem I had penned fourteen years ago, in my lost burgundy binder that somehow resurfaced during my last move. I read it to my fourteen year old daughter, Lara, who was just a baby when I wrote the poem on September 28, 1989.

I quote, “At 12:30 a.m., Lara awoke for her midnight snack. I am so glad! I loved night feedings! As I slept, I kept hearing the words, “The Keys to the Kingdom” going over and over in my mind. I knew the answer must be ready for me because I have been asking for this simple explanation for three days now! It truly makes it all seem so simple! The answer would have to be…for my children are my example. They are simply…simple. I have three children.. And each one gave me a key today. One by one, Lara, Michael and Ashley each gave me a precious key to the kingdom.”

What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
I asked in prayer one day
What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
I saw Your Answer today.

I gazed in the eyes of my baby
so fresh and pure her smile
But when I left her all alone
She cried for me awhile.

What is the Key to the Kingdom?
I asked in prayer today
What is the Key to the Kingdom?
I saw your answer this way…

I lullabied my baby…
Her eyes gazed sweetly at me
When I gazed into her soul
I saw my sweet priority.

What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
I asked on bended knee
What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
The answer came clearly to me

While I fed my baby
she cradled upon my breast
And I knew that I could comfort her
that I would give her my best.

What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
I hoped that you would tell
What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
When I found it, my heart swelled.

My son of two came muddy
Running up to me
He did not try to hide the filth
But beamed, “Mommy, will you wash me?”

What is the Key to Thy Kingdom?
I think at last I know
I have found the lost key to the Kingdom
to me, it surely seemed so…

For when I kissed my young daughter
She only yearned for more
She bid me not turn out the light
And begged me not close the door!

I have found the lost keys to the kingdom
is to “Become as a little child”
For if I become such as them
I shall see my Father’s smile!

I’ll hunger and thirst but for Thee
I’ll never hide my sin
I’ll bed Thee Light all through the night
Plead, Father, leave heav’ns door open!

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