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Faith in the Mourning

I find it fascinating that the things I worried about yesterday, last year, a decade ago, found their resolution when I put my faith in God.  Truly, I am discovering “Faith in the Mourning” begins with acknowledging my dependency upon a Being higher than myself. I am learning that as I wait upon the Lord, I can do so with joy, knowing that He has always resolved those issues of greatest import to me, in His divine timing. Truly, God has my back.  He is my Fall Guy.

Looking back over my life’s experiences, I take heart now, in my fifth decade of living, that God never has left me comfortless….at least….not for long.  As an entrepreneur, He manages to bless me often in the “nick of time” and when I “least expect it”.  I love “leaning upon Him” and not upon “my own understanding”.

Yesterday, the conflict I prayed and wrestled about in prayer, was resolved by mid-morning today.  Why do I not take each and every life “issue” to Him first?  Why do I not drop my burden at my feet a little sooner?  Why do I hold on to life’s little “pains” instead of “rocking my soul in the bosom of Abraham”?

I find my greatest comfort in realizing that as the world turns it’s attention to Christ-less, rather than Christ-like solutions, prayer is becoming for me, a much needed commodity bitcoin tumbling.  God is the one who covers my head in times of scorching heat, provides His umbrella to shelter me from the storms of life and who grants me not only pardon, but relief from the sorrows that so easily beset me.

I turn to Him, as my Master, as my Healer, as my Strength, as My Song.  He alone, understands the reasons behind the feelings that sometimes cause my heart to ebb away from or flow towards that miraculous, mysterious harbor called, “JOY!”

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