The Joyful Heart: Ten Group Experience Sessions


“One of your greatest accomplishments in life, will be in learning to recognize your very gifts and then to proceed to “Deliver the Message”you came to share with the world!

In this ten session “Joy Coaching” advanced experience, you will be encouraged to access your life experiences in order to pinpoint those niches in which your complimentary experiences can serve to comfort, nurture and inspire others who find themselves in similar situations.

Becoming a “Joy Coach” is not for those who have lived a life free of heartache, trial or affliction.  It is a profession for those who have experienced diverse trials and who have held their head up high, secure in the knowledge that God is the Father of their spirit.

This profession is designed for those who have searched for an anchor of faith within themselves and who have endured life’s challenges; always seeking to overcome the sorrows of this world with the spirit of joyful optimism and “good cheer”.  Becoming a “Joy Coach” is for those whose hearts are filled with depths of empathy, kindness and compassion and who wish to “go and do likewise” by ministering to the “weary and sad at heart”.

The tools of each individual “Joy Coach” are the spiritual gifts of intuition, inspiration, faith, hope and charity — coupled with the tangible tools implemented in “The Healer’s Touch: Song & Scent Method”, by Karyn Grant, LMT, “The Joy Coach, LLC”.

As you, the client, proceed through your personalized journey, (ten sessions), you will come to recognize your gifts, strengths, perseverance, fortitude and depths of conviction required in order to carry on and come out as a polished gem, in the process!

If you are considering joining our “Joy Coaching Team”, you will discover “The Joy in the Journey!” You will find your own innate gift, rising like a phoenix from the ashes! You will realize that you too have the ability to uplift, inspire and motivate others on to the victory!”



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