Sariah: Awake My Soul Vocal CD




A Series of Songs and Musical Meditations, by Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, The Joy Coach, LLC.

This Masters Module is designed for those who wish to use the Book of Mormon in mentoring their clients, and as a healing manual. This module assists our clients in their search for the pure love of Christ. Those who are broken-hearted can find love, courage and strength to forgive those who have hurt them. By working through the principles of forgiveness, found in these pages, with songs and meditations all inspired by the Book of Mormon.

Discover the serenading messages of ancient scripture that manifest that this mortal journey is a life-long search for the pure love of Christ.

As we learn to sing the song of redeeming love, we are able to work through our afflictions as well as our addictions, in the spirit of compassion and tender mercies. As we liken the journeys of ancient heroes to our own personal quest for the same.

Discover the symbolism between the ancient battles that righteous men fought to preserve our spiritual freedoms and our own personal battles fought in the unseen battlegrounds in our hearts. No matter who we are, we are all discovering the private passageways in our very own hearts to the pure love of Christ.

Regaining the courage to love again, to put the past behind oneself and to reclaim the desire to cherish our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons while becoming a part of healing the hearts of the wounded warriors.

Songs for the unsung heroes: Learn the art of cherishing using music, massage, aromatherapy and musical meditations, etc in our soul search of coming unto Christ.

Includes: 2 Vocal CDs, 1 Musical Meditation CD and 1 Instrumental CD, Awake My Soul PDF Manual, and Awake My Soul PDF Workbook


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