Module 6 – Joy in The Mourning: Grief Coaching


(Group Grief Coaching for Joy Coaches!)

This wonderful year-long webinar course is offered once a month and can be joined at any time in the year.  Once you have completed 12 sessions, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and will become a Certified Grief Coach.  Each month you will participate in a webinar class, receive a PDF manual for inspiring your own “Scripting Process” while gaining a deeper appreciation for journaling as you devote time between classes to “Express Your Heart”.

As you go through this course, we will discuss the various types of solutions for those who are suffering from grief. Each webinar will provide you with more information about the ways to assist ourselves, our loved ones and our clients as they gracefully transition through grief into joy.

We learn as well how the process of “Scripting” (deep introspective/journaling) and “Non-Dominant Handwriting”; accompanied with “The Healer’s Touch Method” can release (express) the emotions (Energy in Motion) that have been left lodging in the cells and soul after sorrow has set in. With “Song & Scent” you will discover new ways of releasing the emotional energies that have been brought to the surface during your “Scripting Sessions”. We will add “Creative Journaling” to the process along with “Art as Therapy” and “Dance as Therapy: Moving the Body Gracefully Through Grief into Joy!”


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