The Lullaby Connection Level 1 and Level 2 by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT


This series assists facilitators/parents in reconnecting with the needs individuals/children who did not/do not have their needs met as a child (or beyond). The goal is to correct, interact and connect, compassionately with children who stand in need of having unmet needs met, through an increase of TLC, tenderness, love and compassion.
This series teaches an emotional clearing process for children using kindness, empathy and compassion through the medium of music, therapeutic touch, listening to song, guided visualizations and affirmations. Karyn believes that using these tools: aromatherapy, music as therapy, and therapeutic touch, bring to awareness (conscious mind) the lower vibrations lodging in the heart, mind, body and spirit can be identified, addressed, and successfully released through Tenderness, Love and Compassion—and transformed into higher vibrations of peace, love and Joy!

  • Lullaby Connection Processes & Protocols Manual
  • Lullaby Connection Tear Pad
  • Angel Dreams Vocal CD
  • The Kingdom Within Coloring Book & CD Set
  • The Smile Maker Coloring Book & CD Set
  • Once Upon The Divine Coloring Book & CD Set
  • The Prince of Peace Coloring Book & CD Set
  • Heart Wardrobe Coloring Book & CD Set
  • The Secret of Joy Coloring Book & CD Set
  • The Calm Psalm Coloring Book & CD Set
  • Individual Lullaby Connection CDs


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