Module 10 – Dancing with Angels


A Series of Songs and Musical Meditations, by Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, The Joy Coach, LLC.

Includes: 1 Dancing with Angels Vocal CD, 3 Musical Meditation CDS, Dancing with Angels PDF Manual

In this master module, we will continue gaining momentum after having taken baby steps to joy, towards “Dancing with Joy!” We will gain clarity of the spiraling up process as we remember that we are not alone; that angels are dancing on our path everyday.

This Masters Module reminds that miracles have not ceased, nor has the ministering of angels ceased. Essentially, we need to claim their divine assistance every day in our God-given roles as nurturers, providers, homemakers, parents, single parent families, etc.

We will continue in our scripting and make journaling a part of everyday, creating more of what we do want in the form of opportunities, privileges, rewards and blessings.



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