The Healer’s Touch Level 1 and Level 2 by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT


The purpose of this workshop series is to teach facilitators how to incorporate the use of kinesiology, music, massage and aromatherapy into an emotional clearing experience that will assist clients in identifying lower vibration-emotions and transforming them into higher vibration emotions through the power of nurturing, compassion, empathy and kindness.
The purpose of this technique is manifold; in utilizing the five senses to bring the heart-mind-body-spirit into alignment with Positive Core Identity; while addressing and releasing negative core beliefs originating in childhood. Learn to mend the wounds in the hidden layers of the heart, mind, body and spirit, through the application of energetic touch, breath work, and other vibrations (i.e. touch, music, essential oils). To raise the vibration of heart-mind-body-spirit of each client to a balanced state of love, joy and peace and to give the client tools for keeping an “emotional homeostasis” of Peace, Love and Joy in times of opposition and adversity.

  • Healers Touch Manual
  • Healers Touch Vocal CD
  • Healers Touch Musical Meditations CD
  • Healers Touch Tear Pad
  • Experience the Gift Tear Pad
  • Find Joy in the Mourning: A Grief Coaching Workbook
  • Joyful Heart Essential Oil Recipes & Blends Book


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