Essential Christ Masters Module


A 12 Month Musical Journey: Storytelling with Song & Scent

This Module includes 7 PDF Manuals that will be used through out this module. Music & Manuals by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT

The Essential Christ Master Module is my newest creative contribution to the Joy Coaching America – Academy! This Master’s Module has been in the creation process since 1987 and is being released for the first time as a monthly webinar series in 2020! Each month we will review one of the books in the series and focus our attention upon “Coming Unto Christ”.

Here is our monthly list for this 12 month, 2020 course:

“The Ancient Art of Scripting, Songs, Scents & Sacred Oils of the Bible”

January- The Essential Christ: The Need for The Essential Christ Oil of the Month: Frankincense & “TheOther Oil”: Hyssop Blend of the Month: “The Essential Christ Blessing & Blend”

February- Alabaster Box- The Gift of a Broken Heart

Oil of the Month: Spikenard & Myrrh

Blends: Mary’s Blessing

March- A Joyful Heart – !2 Extraordinary Women of the New Testament 

Oil of the Month: Jasmine & “The Other Oil”- Jasmine: Night Blooming”

Blends: A Joyful Heart, “Oil of Joy”, “Oil of Gladness”

April- With Perfumed Oil: He Knows Your Heart

Single Oil: Myrrh (Tears of Myrrh) & “The Other Oil”: Calamus

Blend: With Perfumed Oil & Oils of Gladness

May- The Crowning Jewel: Loving The Lord with All Our Heart, Might, Mind & Strength

Single Oil: Rose

Blend: The Crowning Jewel, “The Essential Christ Blessings & Blends”

June- The Morning Light: A Closer Walk into The Savior’s Life

Single Oil: Cedarwood & Sandalwood

Blend: “The Morning Light Blessing & Blend”

July- Coming Soon

Single Oil: Coming Soon

Blend: Coming Soon

August- A Joyful Heart Part 2: Becoming An Extraordinary Woman in Christ

Single Oil: Cassia & Cinnamon

Blend: A Joyful Heart Blessing & Blend, Oils of Gladness

September- A Latter Day Woman at the Well: In Search of Living Water

Single Oil: Cypress & Coriander

October- The Crowning Jewel Extraordinary Matriarchs, Mothers & Mentors in the Old Testament

Single Oil: Rose, Rose of Sharon

November- Pearls of Perfection: Keeping Your Own Divine Appointment with the Lord

Single Oils: Calamus, Galbanum, Onycha, Cistus

December- The Gift of the Christmas Spirit (All Year Round)

Single Oils: Douglas Fir, White Fir, Siberian Fir, Clove

Blend: Christmas Spirit



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