Dancing with Angels


Join us for a heartwarming course in the art of receiving and
requesting the gift of ministering angels.  In this Masters Module we will realize that the ministering of angels “has not ceased” nor the workings of God’s mighty miracles.

We will review our divine stewardships and access our roles
and privileges in serving as earthly angels to our loved ones.  We
will learn to step forward and when to step back allowing others’ their gift of agency.

We will request the gift of powerful prayers for and in behalf of our loved ones.  In the process, we will be fashioned into a brighter, more loving version of ourselves as we learn to pray for and “love our neighbors as ourselves”.

We will privately review the episodes in our lives when none other than the gift of ministering angels can account for the ways our lives have been blessed, preserved and ministered to by the power of our own heavenly delegated friends from the other side.

Join us and learn how to assist your clients, family members and precious friends as you become more fine-tuned in the heavenly art of divine delegation.



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