Cherishing Heart CD


For those who have suffered through the experience of a divorce, break-up or separation from a loved one, this ten session coaching module may be the perfect opportunity to mend a broken heart.

As we give of our hearts in any relationship, we may find that we wind up feeling as though we have given aspects of our hearts away– bits and pieces of ourselves that we may feel are not retrievable.

For instance, if one has given of their “Faithful Heart” to a relationship, only to find that they have been betrayed, they may find they are becoming unwilling to commit as deeply, in a present or future relationship. They may even suffer from short-term attachment issues.

During this ten-session experience, either “live” or via “live webinar”, the client is encouraged to go through the process of scripting their feelings, (journaling) while receiving Emotional Aromatherapy with Christ-Centered Music and “The Healer’s Touch Nine Touch Point Method”.

“The Joyful Mind” becomes the client’s scripting manual and “The Joyful Soul” becomes a handbook of explanations as to why the healing arts can be instrumental in mending broken hearts.

By accessing all five senses, “The Heart-Mind Connection” can be nurtured & mended. Lost and severed feelings can begin to “emote” with the spirit of cherishing, love, peace and joy again.

Note: If you enrolled into this module (ten private sessions) you may contact Karyn Grant to purchase these PDF Scripting Manuals at



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