Divine Essence Module

The Divine Essence Series

Divine Essence Module – $699.00

The purpose and desired outcome of this workshop series is to identify one’s own Positive Core Identity and to separate the negative energies that are “wrapped around” negative self-talk, limiting thinking and belief systems about oneself/client. In this module, we focus on identifying hidden strengths, gifts, natural talents and abilities and accessing and accepting sense of divinity and one’s purpose as “Destined to Succeed”.

This series also teaches individuals to identify “scarcity issues”, victim mentalities, and transform these perceptions into the “Victorious Mentality” and into new definitions of Abundance. Learning a gratitude process, divine essence outlines a new belief system, based in higher vibrations which will create new pathways of achieving one’s higher purpose, passion, calling, mission though “abundant-thinking-mentality.” Learn to identify your unique gifts by reconnection with your Divine Source and Divine Essence and begin anchoring this into Heart-Mind-Body-Spirit via the five senses; with touch, scent, visualizations, affirmations and song. Learn from a Christ-Centered Approach to balance the Chakra System (Endocrine System). This series teaches individuals to minister the gift of mercy into the cellular level, thus creating greater pathways of peace, love and Joy!

Divine Essence Manual 

• Divine Essence Vocal CD

• Divine Essence Musical Meditations CD

• Divine Essence Tear Pad

• Nine Point Touch Body Method Tear Pad

Optional: Divine Essence Marketing Kit – $35.00  

After you complete a “Joy Coaching Module”, you may order the “Marketing Kit” for that particular module.  Your Marketing Kit will include our graphic designer’s time to add your pre-written bio, picture, website address, email address to your personalized marketing materials as shown here.  Your MP includes the following materials in a PDF format which you may print at your local printer in the quantities you choose:

  • Beautifully designed and personalized Letterhead
  • Business Card
  • Brochure with your Bio, picture
  • Postcard
  • 30 Minute & 90 Minute Gift Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion