What is Joy Coaching

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What is Joy Coaching?

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• Creating processes to help individuals process emotional trauma, grief, sorrow, pain, inner turmoil,

Method different all five sense to create new paths to the heart, mind, body and spirit. The more senses you use the deeper the healing will be because the more senses in the traumatic experiences the harder it is to heal from that experience.

What is relaxation therapy?

What is grief coaching?

Raising Your Vibration to Joy with Music, Oils, Massage Therapy

By Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, The Joy Coach

“So, You Want to Become A Joy Coach!”

It’s time to “Raise the World’s Vibration to JOY!” Karyn Grant, LMT, The Joy Coach, has created a system for “Creatively, Consciously, Connecting to Christ” through Music, Massage and Aromatherapy.  Whether you are a counselor, therapist, bodyworker, massage therapist, energy worker or a concerned parent, healing the heart, mind, body and spirit begins with “Discovering your gift and delivering your message” in your own authentic way, with your own divine gifts.   Grief Coaching is about nurturing one soul at a time!

You may have sensed that you have a gift for nurturing, encouraging, uplifting and inspiring those who suffer from heartbreak.  You may sense that your gift of compassion, empathy and kindness is leading you along your own journey to discovery your purpose, calling and mission. “Awakening the Nurturer Within” begins the moment you discover that you have a gift for delivering the message of love, empathy and kindness to those who have suffered varying shades of depression and grief.  Or perhaps, you are concerned about a loved one who may be experiencing situational or chemically based grief at present.

Did you know:

• 50,000 Google hits per day for “Grief Coaches”?

• Did you know that according to the World Health Organization 125 million, and less than 25% have access to any type of help, hope or medicine for depression?

• Estimates between 14.8 million and 19 million suffer from clinical depression.

• 26.2% suffer from some type of mood disorder in the US, which constitutes approximately 58 million sufferers.

• 1 in 4 persons suffer from mild to chronic depression.

• Women have more reported cases of depression than men.

• Males and females, in the age group of 65 years and older, are committing suicide at a higher rate than any other age group.

• Experts now say that addiction begins with some kind of depression.

• 90% of suicides have a diagnosable mental condition and get to the place where they cannot help themselves.

• 99% of all men and women suffer from some form of depression, anxiety, or mood disorder at some point in their lifetime.

• 73 million web sites talk about depression, grief and mood disorders.

• Everyone is looking for answers for themselves or someone they love.