Continuing Education


Healing Hearts with Healing Arts Continuing Education with The Healer’s Touch Nine Touch Point Method

by Karyn Grant, LMT.




healers-touchThe Healers Touch Part One

– Song & Scent – $39.95

 We are excited to introduce a method which shares the power of “The Healer’s Touch” in creatively, consciously, connecting heart, mind, body and spirit.  This Nine Touch Point Method will be demonstrated for Wellness Advocates who wish to experience the six blends offered in the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit. This wonderfully nurturing protocol can be shared as an Emotional R & R session where both the giver and receiver can discover the joy of ministering and being ministered to.  Great for Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Couples and more!



the-giftThe Healers Touch Part Two

– Musical Meditation & Scent $39.95

 In “The Healer’s Touch Musical Meditation” Nine-Touch-Point process, we use nine single oils and essential oil blends to bring a deepening sense of peace to the heart, mind, body and spirit.  These meditations set to instrumentals, invite you to breathe in uplifting aromas and release suppressed, hidden, lingering feelings that have been left lodging in the heart, mind, body and spirit.  The intention of this meditative session is to leave the receiver feeling a heightened sense of love, joy and peace.



divine-eDivine Essence:Part One

Awakening The Brilliant Spirit Within – Song & Scent – $39.95

 Join Karyn Grant, LMT, to discover ways to “Awaken Your Spirit” and your body with musical & aromatherapy duets.  The “Divine Essence” Blessings & Blends” can serve to create new pathways to the heart, mind, body and spirit.  The heart, mind, body and spirit can begin to and assist us as we learn to thrive with a sense of confidence. Connecting to your purpose, calling and mission is the essence of this 2-part webinar series.  Join us in renewing and restoring your energies as we learn this self-nurturing process.  Using musical & aromatherapy duets can awaken a sense of divinity, dignity and self-worth.  Learn to honor and appreciate your body with “The Song & Scent Method”.


 divine-e-2Divine Essence:Part Two

Awakening The Brilliant Spirit Within- Song & Scent Musical Meditation CD & Scent – $39.95  

 As you indulge in this Night-Time Nurturing process, you will learn the beauty of listening to inspired messages as you breathe-in ten single oils and their aromatic influences in awakening your spirit through guided visualization and musical meditation.  Emotional Clearing, Balancing and Well-Being is facilitated as you move deeper into theta state by relaxing and listening to soothing whispers and breathe in the single oils or the “Divine Essence: Joyful Heart Blends”. 


The Lullaby MOMMA Series

– Nurturing the Child Within Eight Webinars with Karyn Grant, LMT – $39.95


unadjustednonraw_thumb_18aAngel Dreams Lullaby CD

– Here’s an extra cd for the car or to play in your home during the day!  Every mother and father can find comfort and solace in listening to this cd, applying the “Emotional Aromatherapy” blends to the Nine Touch Points and diffusing oils to create atmospheric conditions.  Now every Wellness Advocate can become a “Nurturer in Your Own Home” by utilizing the pathways to the heart, mind, body and spirit with the healing arts!  Join us to be informed on the power of a lullaby in creating a connection so strong that it can help a child to feel loved, nurtured, priceless and irreplaceable! – $39.95



Kingdom withinThe Kingdom Within

-Learn how to conduct a guided visualization experience for your child at bedtime using “The Kingdom Within” CD.  Participants will learn the importance of teaching children to visualize positive outcomes and how to anchor those images into their minds with the art of musical and aromatherapy duets. – $29.95



unadjustednonraw_thumb_190The Heart Wardrobe

-Learn how to conduct an emotional clearing session for your child, which can include release from sadness and sorrow pertaining to issues and concerns such as “Short-Term Attachment Issues”.  For children who are suffering from sorrows experienced through divorce situations, losing a parent, pet or loved one through death, the anxiety of being separated from a parent through deployment or the fears associated with experiencing a chronic illness.

 Join us for this class in learning how to apply essential oils, in conjunction with “The Heart Wardrobe” CD—“Songs and Stories that Make Scents” in helping your child to gracefully transition from grief into joy. – $29.95



unadjustednonraw_thumb_19bThe Calm Psalm

– Does your child have pent up emotions that reveal themselves as irritability and frustration?  Children can exhibit extreme behavioral problems when emotions are left unchecked by their caregivers and primary nurturers.  Join us to learn how to apply your “Calm Psalm” blend and “The Calm Psalm CD” at night-time so that suppressed, repressed, and hidden lingering emotions can be gracefully transitioned from fear and anger into happier emotions of light, love and truth. – $29.95



unadjustednonraw_thumb_1a0The Prince of Peace

– Does your child show signs of fear and concern that their needs are not met?  Every child needs to have the opportunity to have their child-like faith increased on a daily basis.  This wonderful routine can bless your children in a mulitiplicity of ways.  Accessing “faith” through the five senses is the theme of valuable work. Parents can learn tools that will not only bless their little children but help to mend “the child within” themselves.  Join us and learn how to apply the oils of “Console”, “Forgive”, “Peace”, “Cheer”, Motivate and Passion in a nightly routine that will increase feelings of security, safety and peace. – $29.95



unadjustednonraw_thumb_1a5Once Upon Divine

– Does your child struggle with feelings of low self-esteem?  Have they experienced the effects of verbal abuse or harshness which may have wounded their tender heart?  Nurturing Heart, Home and Family becomes the essence of our “Inspired Living” segment.  We will discuss ways and means to provide emotional- spiritual support and upliftment in the home at night-time so that your child can release the negativity of the world and find safety in their “Angel Dreams” and sweet imaginings. – $29.95


unadjustednonraw_thumb_192The Secret of Joy

– Does your child need assistance in understanding that into “every life a little rain must fall”?  Join us to learn how to provide a safe, secure, atmosphere where children can find a haven in your home where love, joy and peace abound.  Creating this Night-Time-Nurturing Routine, provides an opportunity for children to experience on a daily basis that there is love in this world and that they can find love in the family in which they live.  Preserving the childhood dream of happily-ever-afters is an important role for a nurturer whether that nurturer is mom, dad, grandma or grandpa!  We are excited to share the joy in this class with you!  Come and experience the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit coupled with “The Secret of Joy” CD and bedtime blends! – $29.95


unadjustednonraw_thumb_183The Smile Maker

– Here’s a wonderful experience for Nurturers around the world to share the beauty of teaching children their unique gifts in sharing their love with others.  Every child has a gift, a purpose and a mission that deserves to be discovered at an early age.  Reminiscing about the adorable things your child has done in the past can become a topic in your “Night-Time Nurturing Routine”.  Come and share in the beauty of creating “The Angel Dreams Lullaby Collection” of Nine “Blessings & Blends” to soothe a child’s heart and to encourage their spirit to become the joy in your home. – $29.95

Embracing My Ancient Legacy Series

unadjustednonraw_thumb_185Embracing Our Ancient Legacy:

From Ancient Days to Modern Ways – Six Webinars  (12 Oils of the Bible) – $39.95

Ancient Legacy Booklet with Understanding Oils of the Bible Tear Pad Come join us for a journey into the past and discover the historical use of musical & aromatherapy duets.  Learn about the healing oils of the bible combined with “The Song & Scent Method”.  Women of the Bible savored these precious “unguents” (as they were once called.)  Discover your passion for understanding the healing oils of the bible and their ancient applications for heart, mind, body and spirit.  This is a “Nine Touch Point” experience you won’t want to miss!  Includes information about 12 Oils of the Bible!


unadjustednonraw_thumb_19cWith Perfumed Oil:

Women of the New Testament and Oils of the Bible – $39.95

Join us for a journey bringing aromatherapy and music to life as we follow the path of healing through the Bible.  Learn to use all of your senses to bring a joyful spirit to your own personal “Morning Meditation” and devotional process using “The Song & Scent Method”.  This becomes an excellent resource when sharing the oils with family, friends, church or your team.


unadjustednonraw_thumb_18bThe Essential Christ:

Celebrating the Life of Christ with Song & Scent – $39.95

As we celebrate the life of Christ with the Magi who brought him gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold, we can celebrate the ancient, aromatic influences of the oils that blessed the Christ Child.  Combining “Song & Scent”, we can create “The Oils of Gladness” to herald in a new millennium of nurturing hearts, homes and families around the world.  This webinar complete with instructional tear sheets, “The Essential Christ CD”, the Nine Touch Point Reference Guide, becomes even more amazing when you share the blends created to bless those you love.  “Share the Joy!” with us as you learn new fascinating facts about the oils of the bible and the women who loved and used them in ancient days!


unadjustednonraw_thumb_1a1The Morning Light:

A Musical-Aromatic Journey through the Life of Christ – $39.95

Celebrate the life of Christ, with women of ancient days and the healing oils of the bible on this loving, lively webinar.  As you breathe in the scents and songs about His story, you will find that visualizing happiness, joy and peace in your own life is becoming simpler.  Maintaining a heart full of joy is a task that every woman faces on a daily basis.  With Musical & Aromatherapy Duets, by Karyn Grant, LMT, Singer & Songwriter, the task just got simpler.  Sit back and breathe in the scents while you listen to the songs that have been written to bless your heart, mind, body and spirit.



unadjustednonraw_thumb_186A Joyful Heart:

12 Extraordinary Women of the New Testament – $39.95

Ancient women like the widow who gave her last mite, the woman at the well, the woman with an issue of blood and other ancient women ministered to each other and to their families in their own ways with their own gifts.  Now, add knowledge about the oils of the bible and join us in learning how to minister to the spirits of those you love and care about in a modern way with the Nine Touch Point Method.  Join us as we learn about “The Alabaster Box” which contained the priceless oils of Spikenard.



unadjustednonraw_thumb_182The Crowning Jewel:

12 Extraordinary Women of the Old Testament – $39.95
Join us as we learn about the women of the Old Testament: Eve, Ruth, Naomi, Hannah, Leah, Rachel, Rebecca, the Widow of Zerephath, the Shunnamite Widow and more as you glean new information about the “Healing Oils of the Bible”.  Did you know that Queen Esther experienced ” a year of purification” with the use of the healing oils of the Bible?  Join us to learn more about the ancient oils of the Bible and the women who loved them. Through using all of your senses with the 9 Point Touch system you can learn from ancient ways to modern days.


unadjustednonraw_thumb_18cThe Joyful Heart:

Blessings & Blends Recipe Book & Webinars – $39.95

Join us for this blessings & blends class as we begin to create 177 recipes for “Nurturing Hearts, Homes & Families”. Every song has a scent! Make roll-on bottles and pillow top spritzes with beautiful labels and unique cap labels. Have a “Joyful Heart Blending Party” today! Improve the “Atmospheric Conditions” of your home by “Romancing Your Soul” with Musical & Aromatherapy Duets by Karyn Grant, LMT.