The players next finished a primary survey one requested group information, like its sex and you can years

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The players next finished a primary survey one requested group information, like its sex and you can years

El Salvador covers 21,041 km 2 (CIA 2016). This has an inhabitants away from 6.1 million, certainly whom 29.8% slide below the federal poverty line (World Bank 2014). It offers an effective GDP from $25.dos billion (World Financial 2014), that is made up of 10.7% agriculture, twenty five.5% industry, and 63.8% functions (CIA 2016). The fresh try section in the El Salvador was Ahuachapan (rural) and you may San Salvador (urban).

Measures and you can People

Ethical approval was received from the University of St Andrews Ethics Board. Participants were recruited through MTurk, and they provided consent online after being presented with the consent information. Participants rated the face images collected in Study 1, individually and in random order. Participants rated either the face images from Malaysia or the face images from Este Salvador. The faces from the rural and urban populations were intermixed and each face was masked with a black oval around the head to occlude clothes. The images were presented one sex at a time, and participants were instructed to rate kissbrides.com Seite inspizieren how heavy they thought each man/woman was on a 10-point Likert scale (1 = very underlbs, 10 = very overweight). Each participant was paid $2 dollars through MTurk upon completion of the experiment. Twenty men (M age = years, SD = 5.36) and 20 women living in the United States (M age = years, SD = 9.70) successfully rated (i.e., responded “yes” to the question “Were you able to see and rate all images successfully?”) the faces from Malaysia on weight. Twenty men (M age = years, SD = ) and 19 women (M age = years, SD = 9.61) living in the United States successfully rated the faces from El Salvador on weight.


Adiposity preferences were calculated by taking the percentage of faces high on the selected trait across the 5 pairs of male faces and the 5 pairs of female faces. Read More

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